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Neck MRI- About the Exam

Mountain Medical offers neck MRI, which helps differentiate normal from diseased neuronal tissue in the neck. The neck MRI exam allows Mountain Medical’s radiologists to capture high resolution images to better see anatomic detail and identify subtle pathology.

In addition to identifying features of tumors of neck, a neck MRI exam is becoming increasingly useful in predicting the course of disease and gauging the effectiveness of a particular therapy. A neck MRI allows radiologists to identify a variety of medical conditions including tumors, cysts, injuries, and other abnormalities in the neck.

What you can expect during a neck MRI:

  • Your technologist will ask you to lay down flat on your back on the moveable examination table.
  • The table will then move slowly through the MRI unit.
  • Once the examination is completed, your Mountain Medical radiologist may ask you to wait while they check the images in case additional images are needed.
  • A neck MRI is usually completed within 30 minutes.

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