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CT Guided Neck Mass Biopsy- About the Exam

Mountain Medical offers CT guided neck mass biopsy, which allows radiologists to remove tissue in order to examine it for disease. This exam allows radiologists to get a more accurate placement of the needle to get the best tissue sample.

What you can expect during a CT guided neck mass biopsy:

  • The technologist will ask you to lie down flat on the examination table.
  • A limited CT scan will be performed to confirm the location and the safest approach.
  • Once the site is confirmed, the entry site is marked on the skin, then scrubbed, disinfected, and a clean sterile drape will be applied.
  • A small nick is made in the skin and the needle is inserted by the radiologist who will then use imaging guidance to find the site and remove samples of tissue.
  • The needle will then be removed and the opening will be covered with a dressing.
  • A CT guided neck mass biopsy is typically completed in an hour.

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